Goodbye Popeye

Mark Grant

September 20, 2008




Popeye was what Weasels were all about.

Long Distance Rider
Proud Weasel


Mark "Popeye" Grant was a longtime member of the Weasels who had such a thrust for life. He will live in the hearts of thousands that crossed his path as he rode from coast to coast in search of the perfect party. Popeye and his wife Trixi never asked how far, just when are we leaving and how many pairs of socks will i need. Popeye never bitched, whined or moaned about the speed bumps he would run across on his many journeys across this great nation he loved as he wasn't capable of hate. His absence has left a void through out the entire Weasel Nation and friends as we mourn for our brother and our friend. The miles we shared will live in lore forever,

WFFW Popeye you're barely gone and we all miss you terribly.