Weasel Nation

This was a party we threw in ’98.
Will we do it again?

Butterfly moved, so we need another location.

Any ideas?

3,000 acres of Free Weasel Camping

Traditionally, during the Sturgis Bike Week, Wednesdays have been known as "Wyoming Wednesdays." This is due to laxer laws in Wyoming concerning nudity, and a generally more libertarian attitude amongst the Wyoming population. There is a trek from Beulla, to Sundance ending in Hulett. Weasel Nation is located 14 miles WEST of Sundance on Highway 14 on the way to Hulett.

Join your fellow Weasels and ring in Weasel Wednesday properly at Weasel Nation

I talked with Butterfly and she said that there is a pond, and a tub. There is also a barn to sleep in and she has a three holer out house. There's an old bath tub to put the beer in. We'll need to dig a pit for the BBQ. She'll do the shopping in town. If you can kick in some bucks for the rent, it would be appreciated.

BYOB, food, etc. Call Butterfly at 307-283-1022 to get directions and let her know how many to expect.

Compliments of Butterfly, a Weaselette and friend of Krylon John

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Here's a pic from Michael Lichtor from his site