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Wild Weasels (The Movie)
Enter the secret world of wanton wild women and motorized madmen on the prowl in "Wild Weasels." The film that takes you inside the hard riding realm of rampaging, caffeine crazed cycle junkies riding the razor's edge on the brink of death!
Hard hearted, hard riding, cheese eating, gas passing rodents of doom, loyal to none, and sworn to fun, they're "Wild Weasels!"
They would follow a fuel injected madman to the brink of hell as long as there was a party at the end of the road. Their credo is simple: Live to ride, live wild, and never change your shorts! Breaking laws, breaking heads and breaking wind!
Drinking, spitting, ill-smelling, jay-walking weasels riding into your homes for a weekend orgy of sex, booze, sex and politically unacceptable behavior.
See large breasted women bare all on the open road!
Nothing will stop these two-wheeled terrors as they slobber their way into your hearts!
Rascally road-weary rodents raised on the highway to hell, doing what they do best... ogling massive mammaries, getting loaded, and pissing into campfires!
"Wild Weasels!" seen on some screens with the sequels, "Wide Weasels, Wide!" and "Weasels, Hard as they Come!"
See - "Wild Weasels!" Rated R for Rodent!

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