Weaselfest? Halloweasel?

Fuck it, call it a
Two Day Drunk
The Weasels L.A. Chapter cordually invites you to get drunk with us at the First Annual - Two Day Drunk.
It's at the Agoura Valley Inn, 28434 Road Side Drive, Agoura. 818/889-0449 (if ya get lost)

No fuckin' prizes
No fuckin' T-shirts
No Fuckin' Cost

'cept what you eat and drink. We'll meet at noon or so, ride to the world famous Neptune's Net for lunch (best fuckin' seafood around) and back to the AVI for drinks. Sunday maybe we'll ride up to the Deer Lodge in Ojai for lunch and more booze.

There are a couple of cheap motels in the area or you can crash at our pads. Camping may be available in the AVI parking lot (We've passed out there lot's of times!) Bring your ol' lady, if there's not enough females there we'll pass them around.

Saturday and Sunday
October 26 and 27

Don't Weasel Out!
Directions off the 101 between Kanan & Chesboro on the south side of the frontage road

Any questions? 818/889-8740 ask for A. Weasel

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