You are cordially invited to the second, in an occasional series,

We noticed that there was a free weekend between all the other upcoming Weasels® events. It was found necessary by the Grand Fuckin’ Weasels® to close this gap. So...we’re a-goin’ camping. We reserved the Piedia Blanca Campsite near Ojai just for this date. We’re gonna have a beer chuggin’ contest, target shootin’ (pellet guns), swimmin’, semi-neekid women (if you bring ‘em), not so neekid women (if they choose) and a BBQ. It’s gonna be a rip-snortin’ event, so don’t miss it!

When? Where? How Much?

September 20 and 21 (Saturday & Sunday) at Pieda Blanca Campground near Lion’s Camp in Ojai. Look for orange stuff marking our spot. Call Kit at 818/889-8740 x 223 to let us know if you’re coming. Throw in $5-$10 bucks to pay for the campsite, the rest will go to beer.

101 North (from LA and points south) to Highway 33. Follow 33 through Ojai to Rose Valley Rd. Make a right and follow it to the end.

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